Why should you consider agile for your organisation?


Posted by Amanda Fajak - 27 June, 2019


Our ability and desire to change as humans, has driven an extraordinary rate of change in particular over the past 10 years.  Think of yourself as a customer. You demand immediacy; you want to be understood; you expect improvements; you expect high levels of service, whether it is for internet connectivity, banking, shopping, healthcare, or entertainment. And you have more choices than ever.

Why should you consider agile for your organisation?

Now think of businesses responding to this in the current economic environment. In this highly competitive, fast moving environment of constant change, the main imperatives of business have to be:

Agile | Adaptability | Delivering Value | Realising Value Sooner

These business drivers mean that leaders all over the world are recognising that in order to respond to the market they need their organisations to be more agile.

So, what is agile? It is the ability to anticipate, pivot and respond rapidly. To be flexible and responsive to the environment around you.

The challenge however is this.  In my 20+ years’ experience of working with companies all over the world on culture, many organisations are far from agile and are grappling with some or more of the following challenges:

  • We are too slow
  • We spend more time on internal processes that with our customers
  • There is wasted time, money and effort
  • There are silos within silos within a company

Do any of these challenges resonate for you? If so, then you will need to focus on how to build an agile culture to support your organisation to transform.

In an environment of constant change agile is now at the heart of being able to complete in the market, I would go even further to say that agile is essential to not only survive but to THRIVE!


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