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Amanda Fajak

Amanda is President North Americas at Walking the Talk.

Agility is the key to success in this BANI world

We’d just about got used to being in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world when a new acronym popped up – BANI (Brittle,

Top tips for building an accountable culture

Creating an accountable culture – where people make promises and keep them – is critical to organisational success. Here are six key

Be-ing agile eats do-ing agile for breakfast

Drucker famously said that culture eats strategy for breakfast, by which he meant that you can have the best strategy in the world but

The AI supportive mindsets and patterns of behaviour (Video)

Businesses that pay early attention to encouraging the mindsets and patterns of behaviour that support AI adoption will have improved

Having and holding to clear, aligned principles is critical

Digital Transformation provides the opportunity to create a seamless experience end to end across customers, across products, across

A digital transformation vision that lifts and inspires

Digital Transformation and AI are more often than not associated with negative outcomes for employees – cost cutting, automation, job

The significant shift we are seeing in culture today (Video)

The significant shift we are seeing in culture today is not a shift away from a focus on achievement and results – this has to remain

Why is your digital transformation stalling?

In this video, Walking the Talk's Amanda Fajak explains why organisations can find that their digital transformations are stalling. 

Your values are on show. What you do now matters.

I love Café Nero. I like the strong Italian coffee blend, the friendly staff, the fact I have an app on my phone and its so easy to get a

The Danger Zone: When Leaders Lose Sight of their impact

When accusatory, emotive and vitriolic language is used by people in power, red warning lights go on all over the place and sirens blare.A

What are the key shifts to create an agile culture?

Creating an agile culture involves fundamentally rethinking how you run your organisation and most organisations that we spoke to in our

What does it mean to create an agile culture?

For many, Agile is associated with the technology part of your business or one or two pockets in your organisation. It is often thought of

Why should you consider agile for your organisation?

Our ability and desire to change as humans, has driven an extraordinary rate of change in particular over the past 10 years.  Think of

How Agile thinking could avoid a crisis

Whether you voted leave or remain, 80% of us now agree that Brexit is a shambles. There are much smarter people than me reflecting on why

How do you build a foundation of trust?

Walking the Talk Executive Director Amanda Fajak explains how you build a foundation of trust.

What are the traps to avoid when creating an agile culture?

Are you looking to create an agile culture for your organisation? Walking the Talk Executive Director Amanda Fajak explains 3 things to

Developing leaders as powerful agents of change

The influence of leaders on organisational culture is strong. The shadow that leaders cast into their organisations means that the beliefs

The key shifts you need to create an agile culture

Discover the six key shifts your organisation needs to make in order to move towards an agile culture. {% video_player "embed_player"

Video: The difference between culture and engagement

Executive Director Amanda Fajak explains why you shouldn't get culture confused with engagement.

Creating an agile culture

Agile culture is about continually finding ways to improve your organisation's approach. Walking the Talk Executive Director Amanda Fajak

Four things leaders can do to improve psychological safety

Creating an environment where people can feel psychologically safe and can speak up is fast becoming one of the main topics of conversation

The difference between influence and hierarchy

Executive Director Amanda Fajak explains why a formal hierarchy doesn't always equal influence.

Symbols – small changes, big wins:

I am constantly talking to clients about the power changing a few key symbols can have in building momentum for culture change. Symbols

How long does it really take to change your culture?

I have been on a pilgrimage of sorts over the past few weeks, retracing the events of the Hungarian revolution in 1956. My father was a

Hot off the press: Tipping point shrinks to 25%

 At Walking the Talk, we are passionate about continuing to evolve our thinking on culture. We are always scanning the latest research and

The role of measurement in culture and behaviour change

As the role of culture is better understood, everyone wants to measure and understand the impact of culture change and the behaviours that

The masks that leaders wear at work

Joseph Campbell once wrote ‘The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are’. What a profound yet simple set of words that seem somehow so

Letting go of power is not easy

I was only a teenager when I first read the question ‘what would I do if I weren’t afraid’. I was young and uncertain with all the angst of

What you need to do to get culture on the strategic agenda

Getting culture onto the strategic agenda is usually a function of 3 conditions.

The 5 key ingredients of successful culture change

If changing your culture were as simple as waving a magic wand, the world would be full of perfectly run organisations with ecstatic

Are your brand values holding you back?

Almost every organisation has some statement of what they stand for, usually in the form of a mission statement, or a list of values that

Why leaders are responsible for the actions of their teams

Respondents to our recent Managing Behaviours survey showed that there is a collective belief amongst leaders, employees, consumers and

Behaviours in the Workplace: Where does responsibility lie?

Our Managing Behaviours in the Workplace research report is now available to download. Based on original research with over 700 leaders,

Culture Change: Getting culture on the strategic agenda

The argument for culture to have a key position on the strategic agenda has never been more compelling.

Managing Behaviour: How to create a speak-up culture

In an article by FT journalist Robert Armstrong on the Volkswagen scandal, he stated that “we have to assume something went wrong with VW’s

Culture change: The importance of being hopeful

The new year hasn’t been quite as fresh and refreshing as it usually is. Watching what is taking place in global politics has given me a

Cultural Change in the FCA, PRA and Bank of England

I was lucky enough today to attend the launch of New City Agenda's latest report, on Cultural Change in the FCA, PRA and Bank of England –

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