White Paper: Shaping a culture of inclusion

Walking the Talk
Walking the Talk is delighted to announce the release of our 2023 white paper on 'Shaping a culture of inclusion'. One of the hottest topics in business right now, inclusion is not just another buzzword or trend – it is fundamental to delivering on your corporate strategy.

Every year we take an in-depth look at a critical business issue which will impact the creation and
management of corporate cultures, talking to C-Suite leaders and adding our own perspective as the world’s leading consultancy focused entirely on culture.

Inclusion in company cultures white paper
The white paper (the latest in our series ‘Future of Work) is grounded in our 30 years of research and experience working with thousands of leaders in hundreds of organisations all over the world to assess, diagnose, and define culture. It includes intelligence gathered from what we are seeing in our clients globally; specific research we have conducted on the topic; articles and secondary research from the marketplace; input from our highly experienced Walking the Talk team; and our own experience of building a culture of inclusion.

In this paper we share:

  • What is an inclusive culture.
  • Why an inclusive culture matters.
  • How to build an inclusive culture.
  • The importance of behaviours, symbols, and systems in shaping a culture of inclusion.
  • How simple, everyday changes can make a tangible difference.
  • Our approach to shaping inclusive cultures.

Walking the Talk’s ‘Shaping a Culture of Inclusion’ White Paper is available now to download.

Download shaping a culture of inclusion white paper

For insights on culture view our selection of case studiesebooksreports and white papers or contact us to learn how we can transform your culture.


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