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Walking the Talk's Amanda Fajak talks about recruiting and onboarding in the hybrid world with ZRG's Mina Ames.


The 'Managing Culture in a Hybrid World' White Paper is the 3rd of a series of reports from Walking the Talk looking at the evolution of culture in the modern workplace. Every year we take a close look at a major business issue which will impact the management and enablement of corporate cultures, talking to global business leaders and adding our own perspective as the world’s leading consultancy focused entirely on culture

The White Paper is the culmination of intelligence gathered from what we are observing in our clients globally; specific research we have conducted on the topic of remote and hybrid working; articles and secondary research from the marketplace; input from our highly experienced Walking the Talk team and our own experience of being a hybrid organisation for over a decade.

Managing culture in a hybrid world
In this White Paper, we share:

  • How people will work in the future.

  • What is the same and what is different when managing culture remotely or in a hybrid way.

  • What behaviours are most important when managing culture in a hybrid environment.

  • What symbols are most important, and how leaders can use these to manage culture in a hybrid environment.

  • What role systems play in managing culture remotely. 

To download your copy of Walking the Talk’s 'Managing Culture in a Hybrid World' White Paper, please visit here.

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