How the pandemic brought questions about purpose at work

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In the new corporate scenario, employees must develop a sense of obligation and care about their colleagues and customers so as not to disappoint them. The challenge for leaders is to work on building trust among the team in the hybrid environment. After all, the role of leadership is not just about financial results, but also about shaping a culture and an environment where people are expected to take care of each other and be collaborative.

On a recent trip to Brazil, Estadão, one of Brazil’s most popular newspapers, interviewed Walking the Talk founder Carolyn Taylor on questions around purpose and the post-pandemic legacy to the corporate environment and how the recognition that culture as a management discipline has increased in the last ten years among organisations, yet still remains a challenge to those who have not already worked on managing and transforming culture.

Speaking to journalist Ludmila Honorato, Carolyn explained that the pandemic was a big trigger for people to ask themselves key questions: Why am I doing this? What is my purpose? What is the legacy I want to leave?

Additionally, people have also noticed that it is possible to have remote meetings and still close deals, contrary to the common belief that the only possible path is a lot of hard work and always being tired, without questioning. The routine of going to the office every day, therefore, has broken down and people are really considering what they want out of work, making the management of culture become a priority for companies wanting to help employees fulfill their purpose.

Highlighting the core hybrid world values of collaboration, care, courage and empowerment, Carolyn was keen to emphasise that to achieve success direction must be given by the companies on openly declaring their values and guiding their leaders in the behaviors that should be encouraged and those that are not tolerated.

Carolyn Taylor was in Brazil to promote the release of the second edition of Carolyn Taylor’s ‘Walking the Talk: Building a culture for success' in Portuguese.

The full interview can be found on Estadão’s website. (Portuguese).


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