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Walking the Talk is excited to announce the release of our 2019 research report on agile culture. Conducted over the last 6 months, Walking the Talk’s research report defines what is an agile culture and incorporates insights and best practice from some of the world’s leading agile experts, including leaders from 9 Forbes 2000 companies, representing a range of industries including Technology, Financial Service, Media, Professional Services, Academia and Telecommunications.

Walking the Talk - Be-ing Agile

The report is essential reading for organisations that aim to BE agile, not just DO Agile, because it:
• ‘Cracks the code’ on the mindsets and behaviours to create sustainable, enterprise-wide agility.
• Specifies the leader and employee behaviours, symbols and systems required to foster an agile culture.
• Troubleshoots common implementation challenges with practical advice to overcome issues and course correct.
• Provides practical advice on where to start.

The agile research report is the 1st of a series of reports from Walking the Talk looking at the evolution of culture in the modern workplace.

Download Agile Research Report 2019


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