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Posted by Walking the Talk - 25 June, 2019


Walking the Talk is excited to announce the release of our 2019 research report on agile culture. Conducted over the last 6 months, Walking the Talk’s research report defines what is an agile culture and incorporates insights and best practice from some of the world’s leading agile experts, including leaders from 9 Forbes 2000 companies, representing a range of industries including Technology, Financial Service, Media, Professional Services, Academia and Telecommunications.

Download Research Report on Agile Culture

The report is essential reading for organisations that aim to BE agile, not just DO Agile, because it:
• ‘Cracks the code’ on the mindsets and behaviours to create sustainable, enterprise-wide agility.
• Specifies the leader and employee behaviours, symbols and systems required to foster an agile culture.
• Troubleshoots common implementation challenges with practical advice to overcome issues and course correct.
• Provides practical advice on where to start.

The agile research report is the 1st of a series of reports from Walking the Talk looking at the evolution of culture in the modern workplace.

Download Agile Research Report


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