A digital transformation vision that lifts and inspires

Amanda Fajak

Digital Transformation and AI are more often than not associated with negative outcomes for employees – cost cutting, automation, job losses, big brother watching. There is an opportunity for organisations to shift this and to create a vision that lifts and inspires people. A vision, where digital transformation and AI help our organisations do more than become efficient.

Our research identified that leaders that are able to translate the technological vision into something meaningful for employees, customers and society were able to create a compelling focus for change and motivate people to engage in difficult conversations of change.

The key hallmarks of an effective vision for Digital transformation and AI are that it must be:

  • Meaningful – make sense to everyone and simple enough that it can help bring everyone onto the same page;
  • Authentic and embedded into every aspect of work;
  • Externally oriented – contribute beyond the organisation itself; and
  • Honest – it must be crystal clear what the organisation is trying to achieve and the rewards and consequences of that.
We saw these hallmarks in action for many organisations during the Covid-19 pandemic, where digital transformation was able to accelerate in the context of clarity about why and the benefits. This had set a great precedent for many organisations about what can be achieved with the right factors in place.

An important additional part of the equation is that an elevated and strategic vision must engage the whole Executive, not just the CTO. As we have written and talked about separately, the success long term of digital transformation and AI is that it is owned at the enterprise level. It is only when the Executive are aligned and integrated around a holistic vision that a fully integrated solution can be implemented.

Common implementation principles that are agreed and upheld are key to this and something that emotionally engages and keeps the Executive aligned during the tough times of digital and AI transformation – and there are tough decisions to be made even with the most inspiring vision – helps ensure the clarity and focus needed to transform is maintained consistently over the long term.

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