Podcast: Cultural Contribution Series

Walking the Talk

The first episode of Carolyn Taylor's podcast series on cultural contribution is now available.

Introducing The Taylor Assessment

Over this new series of seven episodes we’ve unpacked our new tool for measuring cultural contribution, The Taylor Assessment, which is already making a significant difference to our clients.

Determining your cultural archetypes

Over our 30 plus years of working with organisations on culture change, we have defined six main culture archetypes:

    • Achievement.
    • Customer-Centric.
    • One-Team.
    • People-First.
    • Innovation.
    • Greater-Good.

While companies are often a blend of all or some of these, one or two usually dominate to create a particular type of corporate culture. So, although every business wants to be great at all six, we have found that it's best to focus on one or two of them to get more traction. To do that, you've got to prioritise what it is you really need to meet your strategic goals. For example, a focus on the achievement archetype will create higher levels of accountability.

Cracking the ‘measuring cultural contribution’ conundrum

We’ve been using these archetypes and associated behaviours with our clients for years, and we’ve always known that hiring the right people who fit your desired culture is critical to drive change. However, we’ve not had a way of accurately assessing individuals on this basis. Until now.

We use The Taylor Assessment on candidates, leaders, and teams to determine what contribution that individual will make to your target culture. This is not about culture ‘fit.’ It is assessing a person to accurately understand what culture they are likely to prefer building, how that might show up in their day-to-day behaviours, and the legacy they will leave.

By doing so, your organisation can hire with greater confidence, identify development areas for leaders (whose role modelling of behaviours is critical), and build more effective teams. All of which will accelerate your culture change, and therefore the delivery of your business strategy.


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