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Culture assessment to drive organizational change

Assessing your company culture is essential when driving organisational change because you need to understand where you’re starting from.

Culture Lab: Assessing talent for cultural contribution

We’re excited to announce an exclusive Culture Lab Masterclass event on ‘Assessing talent for culture contribution’ that Walking the Talk

How to refresh your company values

Do you feel your company values may not fully represent who you are any more and therefore need updating? If so, you’re not the only one.

Leadership shadow: Driving culture leadership

What is culture leadership? You may have heard the phrase “Culture is led from the top”. It means that the impact of top leaders on

How does the Taylor Assessment work?

The Taylor Assessment is based on six culture archetypes: Achievement, One-Team, Innovation, Customer-Centric, People-First, and

How to create a culture of agility

Agility is not a new concept in business, nor is it a buzzword. In fact, many companies claim to be agile, yet very few are. Like innovation

What makes The Taylor Assessment unique?

Why did we invest in designing the Taylor Assessment to the market? What makes it unique, and why we are excited about the value it can

How to Develop your Risk Culture & Master Risk Management

As economic and reputational pressures on companies grow, the ability to master risk is becoming a critical and differentiating skill. In

Influence in the Workplace: How to Change Employee Behavior

Behavior is at the core of organizational culture, so it should come as no surprise that influencing the behavior of others is a critical

Why hiring for culture contribution is so important

We have already looked at what The Taylor Assessment is and how it helps with hiring for culture contribution. In this blog we’re going to

Measuring Culture Contribution – Introducing The Taylor Assessment

If you know building the right culture is important for your future business successes, then you know that you need leaders who will

You can’t deliver strategy without a supporting culture

At Walking the Talk, we believe that culture is comprised of systems, symbols, and behaviors that are encouraged, discouraged, and

Agile Mindset – Collaborating to move quicker than your competition

In a previous blog on agility we promised to delve deeper into the four critical mindsets you need to be truly agile. Here we take a look

Agile Mindset: Empowering your people at all levels

In a previous blog on agility we promised to delve deeper into the four critical mindsets you need to be truly agile. Here we take a look

Why humility is a key leadership trait

Leaders often believe they have to have all the answers. They feel they must live up to the expectation of being the smartest person in

Why you need to reassess your organizational values

The values of an organization are not the words on its website or the posters on its walls. They are the day-to-day behaviours, systems,

How to measure behaviour change

At Walking the Talk, we frequently encounter a challenging and intriguing question from our clients: How can behavior change be effectively

Agile Mindset: Putting the customer at the heart of your business

In our previous blog on agility we promised to delve deeper into the four critical mindsets you need to be truly agile. Here we take a

Simple starters for leaders in building an inclusive culture

In our last blog, ‘How to build an inclusive culture’ we looked at the role of behaviours, systems, and symbols in building an inclusive

Walking the Talk Announces Transition in Leadership Roles and Appointment of New CEO

Walking the Talk, a division of ZRG, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Amanda Fajak as its new CEO, effective immediately. Having

The Risks of Forcing People Back into the Office: Push Vs Pull

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly transformed the way we work, with remote work becoming the new norm for many professionals around

Navigating the Return to the Office: The Impact on Inclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a seismic shift in the way we work, with remote work becoming the new norm for millions of people

Return to the Office: Finding Balance in a Post-Pandemic World

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives were dramatically reshaped as we adapted to remote work. Zoom meetings, virtual collaboration, and

Culture Recruiting Report

We are pleased to announce that Walking the Talk have partnered with Hunt Scanlon Media for their 2023 Culture Recruiting Report.

The CFO: Your secret weapon for culture change

HR has always appeared to be the natural home for the mechanics of leading culture change. In recent years, however, I’ve observed another

Who are your organization's legends?

We use a great exercise in one our training programs in which participants select and then rank their own values. The ranking process is

The common mistake organizations make when measuring culture

At Walking the Talk, we often get asked, ‘what’s the best way to measure culture?’

The importance the shadow of a leader has on culture change

At Walking the Talk, we believe culture is created through the unspoken messages people receive, through behaviors of others , key systems

Does company culture affect employee motivation? No - and yes

No Elements that are more likely to directly impact employee motivation are short-term factors such as pay, working conditions, work-life

Agility is the key to success in this BANI world

We’d just about got used to being in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world when a new acronym popped up – BANI (Brittle,

In culture as in health: a good diagnosis matters

Would you trust a doctor who wanted to treat your stomach ache without understanding what was causing it? I know I wouldn’t. A good

Digital transformation and Customer-centricity: Chicken or egg?

Client: "We need to assess our digital maturity."Me: "Why?"Client: "As you know from our strategy, we must become more customer-centric if

Why you need to build a language of accountability in your organization

Accountability is the ability of one person or group to deliver to the expectations of the other. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? In reality,

What tools should you use to assess your culture?

Corporate culture has now become one of the key pillars on the transformation agenda of most businesses. This is because many organizations

What are organizational culture archetypes?

There are six cultural archetypes that can be found in every organization. What are those archetypes, and what roles do they play in

How to develop your leaders as role models

We’re pleased to invite you to watch highlights of our recent webinar to learn more about leading culture. Watch Amanda Fajak, Jerome

How to influence leaders culture is more than a 'nice to have'

Maintaining a strong link to the business and having tangible measures of your company's progress will transform your culture.

Symbols – small changes, big wins:

I am constantly talking to clients about the power changing a few key symbols can have in building momentum for culture change. Symbols

Podcast: How to anchor an agile culture (German audio only)

Walking the Talk's Bjoern Johannsmeier was a recent guest on the Astellas Pharma Deutschland - Changing Tomorrow podcast, discussing 'How

Digital Transformation: It's the whole that matters

To succeed in the AI-powered world, you not only need to be connected, you also need to embrace the greater good for the business and

Empowerment is the key to the digital transformation kingdom

Companies that led successful Digital Transformations realised that they had to empower their employees to be successful in the new world.

Culture for AI: The human needs to be placed at the centre

Walking the Talk’s research on the kind of culture required for successful AI implementation has revealed that to be successful, the design

The Danger Zone: When Leaders Lose Sight of their impact

When accusatory, emotive and vitriolic language is used by people in power, red warning lights go on all over the place and sirens blare.A

Podcast: External Orientation

An external orientation is essential to truly pursue excellence, because it is only by going beyond what is familiar to you that you will

Jerome Parisse-Brassens asks "What are you measuring?"

Transforming an organization's corporate culture can seem as a difficult task, so it's important to know what it is you're measuring

Video: The difference between culture and engagement

Executive Director Amanda Fajak explains why you shouldn't get culture confused with engagement.

Video: Carolyn Taylor & Liz Stanley discuss Accountability

We are delighted to announce that Carolyn Taylor's new book, Accountability@work: How to Make and Keep Promises and Have Others Do the Same

Using a survey to describe your culture

Executive Director Jerome Parisse-Brassens explains why a behavioural tool such as a survey is useful for describing your organization's

Creating an agile culture

Agile culture is about continually finding ways to improve your organization's approach. Walking the Talk Executive Director Amanda Fajak

The key shifts you need to create an agile culture

Discover the six key shifts your organization needs to make in order to move towards an agile culture. {% video_player "embed_player"

What does working at the B-level mean?

Learn more about the people responsible for communicating problems and recommendations to the next level of management.

How has your organisation’s purpose shifted in 2020?

How has your organization’s purpose shifted or changed in the pandemic year of 2020, that saw an exponential rise of digitalization at

Is your culture AI-ready?

At Walking the Talk, we believe that to be successful in an AI-powered world, businesses will need to have certain cultural attributes,

Podcast: Cultural readiness for the AI transformations

Walking the Talk's Amanda Fajak recently joined Matt Adler on the Recruiting Future podcast to discuss some of the findings from our recent

How do you define culture and change it?

Learn about Walking the Talk's working definition of culture, and how, by using this definition, you can make culture do-able.

In an AI-empowered world, maintaining control is even harder

Walking the Talk's Jerome Parisse-Brassens explains why in an AI-empowered world, maintaining control is going to be even harder because

Exploding digitally enabled technologies – Survive? Thrive?

C-Suite CHRO recently discussed, as pandemic year of 2020 nears to end, how they fared with exploding digitally-enabled technologies. Did

Four things leaders can do to improve psychological safety

Creating an environment where people can feel psychologically safe and can speak up is fast becoming one of the main topics of conversation

What is an inclusive culture?

Inclusion is rightly a hot topic for organizations looking to change their culture and improve performance. Many companies understand the

White Paper: Shaping a culture of inclusion

Walking the Talk is delighted to announce the release of our 2023 white paper on 'Shaping a culture of inclusion'. One of the hottest

Arqiva Case Study

Watch Amanda Fajak in conversation with Shuja Khan (CEO, Arqiva), Sarah Jane Crabtree (Chief People Officer, Arqiva) and Dominic Biles

Why you need to highlight values during a crisis

The true test of an organization’s values comes when you’re under crisis. Whether that be a financial, reputational, or some other risk,

Improving Accountability in your organization

Walking the Talk's Founder Carolyn Taylor explains some of the tips to improve accountability within your organization.

The Digital/AI leader of tomorrow is a connected leader

For Walking the Talk’s latest research into cultures for Digital and Artificial Intelligence, we interviewed numerous leaders from many

Watch Carolyn Taylor explain the importance of Empowerment

Empowering individuals to create the desired outcomes can positively impact the bottom line.Watch Walking the Talk Founder and Executive

What are the key elements for a culture plan?

What are the key elements that you need to think about when building your culture plan? Walking the Talk Executive Director Jerome

Carolyn Taylor on keeping things simple

Does your organization suffer from over complexity? Learn about how a leader's approach to simplicity can change things.

5 questions every leader should ask themselves

Are you a great leader? Ask yourself the following questions, because they will not only improve your cultural leadership impact, but also

How to find out what's really valued (and change it)

Most leaders can describe the values of their organization, but fewer are successful at ‘walking that talk’. In fact, as communication

Cultural Change in the FCA, PRA and Bank of England

I was lucky enough today to attend the launch of New City Agenda's latest report, on Cultural Change in the FCA, PRA and Bank of England –

Brexit and culture: What if the EU were a company?

I’m fascinated by the behaviours of people. What we can learn from observing them–especially in organisations. And so I found myself

Why leaders are responsible for the actions of their teams

Respondents to our recent Managing Behaviours survey showed that there is a collective belief amongst leaders, employees, consumers and

Culture Transformation: How to work out what’s in it for YOU

Most of the posts on our blog focus on the benefits for the corporation of investing in culture. This time let's think about ourselves and

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