Culture Lab: Assessing talent for cultural contribution

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We’re excited to announce an exclusive Culture Lab Masterclass event on ‘Assessing talent for culture contribution’ that Walking the Talk is hosting in March. 

You can’t determine culture contribution without proper measurement, and the Taylor Assessment is the only tool on the market that can help you accurately bring in the people you need for the culture you want.

At Walking the Talk, we believe we have the answer – The Taylor Assessment.

The Taylor Assessment can be used for measuring candidate’s cultural contribution, leadership assessment, team effectiveness, and organisational development.

Join us on March 27th when Walking the Talk’s Andres Fossas and McRae Williams will discuss how The Taylor Assessment can benefit your organisation.

Events Details:

Culture lab: Assessing talent for culture contribution
Wednesday 27th March 2024
PST 10.00 / MT 11.00 / CT 12.00 / ET 13.00 / GMT 17.00 / CET 18.00

Register here for this interactive webinar.

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What is cultural contribution?
The contribution that any leader, whether a candidate or existing employee, is going to make to your culture and working environment. This is not about measuring perceived culture ‘fit,’ but about assessing what the person will help to build, develop, and the legacy they will leave.

Why is assessing talent for cultural contribution important?
Hiring and developing your leaders based on potential culture contribution is so important when you are attempting to enhance or evolve your culture. The recruitment process is one of the key levers you can pull to build the culture you want. However, in our experience, organisations often struggle with finding the tools and support they need to measure these effectively. At Walking the Talk, we believe we have the answer.

Our new proprietary tool, the Taylor Assessment, is born from the experience, research, and data we have built up over more than 30 years, spanning all types of organisational cultures. During this time, we have encountered and worked with the full range of behaviours, values, and mindsets that you're likely to find in individuals, and mapped these to six cultural ‘archetypes’ we have created.  When you are looking to enhance or change your culture, we have found is that understanding a leader’s culture contribution can help you determine how a candidate or current leader will impact your company’s culture now and into the future.  

What will I learn?

  • Live, real-time experience of our new proprietary tool, the Taylor Assessment.
  • The business benefits of assessing for cultural contribution.
  • How you can start assessing for cultural contribution. 

Register here for this interactive webinar. We can’t wait to see you there!

Register here

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