Webinar: Astro's Culture Journey


Posted by Walking the Talk - 05 January, 2021


Join us on January 26th at GMT 9.00 / CET 10.00 when Walking the Talk’s Amanda Fajak is in conversation with Gavin Baxter, Astro’s Human Resources Director. Amanda and Gavin will discuss Astro’s culture journey and why and how they are shifting to a culture of creativity, inclusion and accountability.

Astro is Malaysia’s leading media company serving 5.7 million Malaysians (75% of households) across their TV, radio, digital and commerce platforms.

Astro’s drive to change culture stemmed from a desire to significantly improve the customer experience and thereby enhance Astros reputation in the market.

Join us for an online fireside chat on January 26th, where we will discuss why Astro were able to;

  • Foster Executive engagement and engagement of people at all levels.
  • Shift company performance.
  • Increase pride and innovation.
  • Improve their customer focus, collaboration, continuous improvement, decision making and communication.

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