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Virtual Roundtables hosted by Walking the Talk

[fa icon="calendar"] 09-Oct-2019 15:09:30 / by Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk is running a series of monthly Virtual Roundtables beginning on Tuesday 5th November and occurring on the first Tuesday of every month. The first will be focused on the outcomes of our “Be-ing agile” research report, which looks at organisational agility and how it interconnects with corporate culture.

Virtual Roundtables hosted by Walking the TalkOur objective for the Virtual Roundtables is to enable interactive video dialogue between leaders of culture and strategic transformation to encourage growth and practical information sharing.

You are invited to join us for the first Virtual Roundtable on building a culture that enables organisational agility and which also supports your long-term business strategy. The Virtual Roundtable will be hosted online using Zoom, allowing for face-to-face video conferencing. We politely insist that all participants use video for the roundtable.

How will our roundtables benefit you?

  • Network with professional peers.
  • Gain a wider global perspective.
  • Share your expertise and experience.
  • Get unbiased feedback from people who understand your
    position and will help you brainstorm your challenges.
  • Create cross-border business relationships and enhance your international outreach.

What to expect from our virtual roundtables:

  • Monthly online discussions with up to 11 other participants.
    45 minutes work sessions.
  • Our Walking the Talk facilitators will guide us in a tightly-run session that generates real discussions on pressing problems.
  • Different topics from psychological safety and data integration, to how to foster excellence in coaching and athlete development.
  • Opportunity to knowledge-share with senior professionals from leading organisations.

Detail for the first Virtual Roundtable are:

Tuesday November 5th
“Be-ing agile” – unlocking the secrets of an agile culture.

The first event will be hosted by Walking the Talk’s Jerome Parisse-Brassens and Connie Ristic. The discussion will focus on Walking the Talk’s recent research programme into agile ways of working.

GMT: 12.00 CET: 13.00 EET: 14.00
AST: 08.00 EST: 07.00 CST: 06.00

Virtual Roundtables are moderated in a friendly formal/informal video environment. The session topics are members-led with focus on practical situations/challenges that come up in their work.


Register for future Virtual Roundtables below: 




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