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How to refresh your company values

Do you feel your company values may not fully represent who you are any more and therefore need updating? If so, you’re not the only one.

Video: Refreshing Values

Do you feel your company values may not fully represent who you are anymore and therefore need updating? Watch Liz Stanley & Jerome

How to Balance a Culture of Wellness with High Performance

Business performance and employee wellbeing are often pitted as conflicting with each other. However, far from being mutually exclusive,

Why you need to reassess your organisational values

The values of an organisation are not the words on its website or the posters on its walls. They are the day-to-day behaviours, systems,

Why you need to highlight values during a crisis

The true test of an organisation’s values comes when you’re under crisis. Whether that be a financial, reputational, or some other risk,

4 ways to get more from your organisation's values

In a year the news has been dominated by overwhelmingly negative headlines, a beacon of positivity shone this week with the news that Yvon

Your values are on show. What you do now matters.

I love Café Nero. I like the strong Italian coffee blend, the friendly staff, the fact I have an app on my phone and its so easy to get a

Matching words and deeds

Read Walking the Talk's founder Carolyn Taylor and Executive Director Amanda Fajak recent interview with Implenia's Employee Magazine

Who are your organisation's legends?

We use a great exercise in one our training programs in which participants select and then rank their own values. The ranking process is

5 questions every leader should ask themselves

Are you a great leader? Ask yourself the following questions, because they will not only improve your leadership impact, but also allow you

Are your brand values holding you back?

Almost every organisation has some statement of what they stand for, usually in the form of a mission statement, or a list of values that

The Unseen Force That’s Shaping Your Culture Every Day

There’s a silent power within your organisation that’s quietly moulding the patterns of behaviour that will determine your culture. A

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