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A culture of diversity: Building business benefit

[fa icon="calendar'] 25-Aug-2016 10:52:36 / by Amanda Fajak posted in Diversity, Empowerment, Team culture, Values, Symbols, Mindsets, Amanda Fajak

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Diversity has direct and surprising positive effects on your business. Not only can it yield a range of beneficial impacts but it can also help limit some of the more extreme tendencies your teams may face. It is a proposition I recently put forward in an article for Acquisition International and one that I’d like to reflect on here.

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Medal Behaviour: How the UK Olympic team forged a winning culture

[fa icon="calendar'] 23-Aug-2016 16:05:15 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Carolyn Taylor, Achievement, Behaviour, Team culture

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The Atlanta games in 1996 saw Great Britain’s worst performance at a summer Olympic games since 1952, taking home just one gold medal. Twenty years later, Team GB depart Rio this week with 67 medals —27 of them gold. Little Britain sits proudly above sporting superpowers such as Russia, Australia, and, most notably, China in the gold medal tally.

But the UK’s “greatest haul” in 108 years did not happen by accident... Instead, they went and created a winning culture that has resulted in record-breaking results.

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Five reasons we should say 'yes' to gender equality quotas

[fa icon="calendar'] 11-Jul-2016 12:31:47 / by Jerome Parisse-Brassens posted in Culture management, Team culture, Symbols, Systems, Jerome Parisse-Brassens

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Let me say this loud and clear: I am all for gender equality quotas in relation to the number of women in key roles in society and in business in particular.
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A tale of meta-culture: What links a real global team?

[fa icon="calendar'] 27-Oct-2015 13:48:43 / by Walking the Talk posted in Change, Behaviour, Team culture

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Here’s a familiar story: There comes a day when a big, but nationally-rooted company decides to ‘go global'. There are several reasons for this decision, some of them come from the CEO, the Board of Directors, or both. Perhaps the decision is based on the personal aspirations of one person, or on some pressure from market analysts, the stock market, or a move by one of the organisation’s competitors.
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5 essentials to build a team culture

[fa icon="calendar'] 29-Jun-2010 03:00:24 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Leadership team, Carolyn Taylor, Team culture, One-Team

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I could really not let this whole month go by without a reference to the World Cup.

 My sister-in-law tells me that what you need as a woman in business is to develop two very good sentences on every sporting topic. To introduce this blog I offer you mine on soccer.

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