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Who are your organisation's legends?

We use a great exercise in one our training programs in which participants select and then rank their own values. The ranking process is

Identify the lynchpin of your culture

Have you ever played Rubik’s cube or any magic cube? They seem to have made a comeback with more complicated arrangements and sizes. I

Symbols – small changes, big wins:

I am constantly talking to clients about the power changing a few key symbols can have in building momentum for culture change. Symbols

How you spend your time speaks louder than your words

None of us feel we have enough time. It’s a finite resource, and it forces us to make choices. Those choices send signals about what we

Culture as a Management Practice

On February 27th Walking the Talk in Brazil hosted a breakfast session with Walking the Talk co-founder and Executive Chair Carolyn

The masks that leaders wear at work

Joseph Campbell once wrote ‘The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are’. What a profound yet simple set of words that seem somehow so

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