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People-First: A culture for remarkable results

[fa icon="calendar'] 29-May-2014 12:39:01 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Carolyn Taylor, Culture archetypes, Leadership, Behaviour, Diversity, Empowerment, People-First, Symbols, Systems

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“If you get the environment right, every one of us has the capacity to do remarkable things.”

At Walking the Talk, we work with six archetypes: Achievement, Customer-Centric, Innovation, One-Team, Greater-Good and People-First. It’s People-First that consistently polarises most executives.

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How to use culture to improve engagement...and more

[fa icon="calendar'] 23-Oct-2010 20:24:39 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Engagement, Managing culture, People-First

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Employee engagement is now a metric measured annually in many corporations.  
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Why an effective culture counts more than a good one

[fa icon="calendar'] 23-May-2010 12:51:19 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Achievement, People-First

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I became engaged in a valuable conversation this week with a wise consultant during an accreditation I was running with a group who want to become partners of Walking the Talk. 

She pointed out that I often used the word 'good' to describe a certain type of culture, and suggested that 'effective' might be better.  I think she is right.  A culture needs to be FIT FOR PURPOSE which means that it enables the organisation to become more effective at what it is trying to achieve.  Think of it as a tool kit.

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How can you strengthen the values of other people?

[fa icon="calendar'] 02-Nov-2009 15:51:00 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Carolyn Taylor, Customer-Centric, Leadership, Values, People-First

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Yesterday I flew American Airlines in an exit row.
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