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Jerome Parisse-Brassens asks "What are you measuring?"

Transforming an organisation's corporate culture can seem as a difficult task, so it's important to know what it is you're measuring

Carolyn Taylors talks Engagement

Learn why the relationship between culture and engagement is so important.

Amanda Fajak asks "Why do you want to measure culture?"

Transforming an organisation's corporate culture can seem as a difficult task, so it's important to know what it is you're measuring

Video: The difference between culture and engagement

Executive Director Amanda Fajak explains why you shouldn't get culture confused with engagement.

Video: What tools can you use to assess culture?

Choosing an efficient tool depends on why you want to assess your culture - Jerome Parisse-Brassens discusses two core tools involved in

Using a survey to describe your culture

Executive Director Jerome Parisse-Brassens explains why a behavioural tool such as a survey is useful for describing your company's culture.

How Walking the Talk's tools can assess your culture

Jerome Parisse-Brassens explores how two main tools are efficient for assessing your company's culture. 

Understanding why your culture is the way it is

Learn why having a methodology that is qualitative is crucial for understanding your organisation's culture.  

What tools should you use to assess your culture?

Corporate culture has now become one of the key pillars on the transformation agenda of most businesses. This is because many

Culture assessment - Case study

Our client, from the entertainment industry, is experiencing strong growth following a number of mergers and acquisitions. They are

Engagement "obsession" hampering workplace culture efforts

When employers are too focused on measuring employee engagement, deliberate workplace culture strategies tend to fall by the wayside.

Highlights from the HRD Summit Europe

Walking the Talk recently attended the HRD Summit in Amsterdam, where Executive Directors Jerome Parisse-Brassens and Amanda Fajak

The role of measurement in culture and behaviour change

As the role of culture is better understood, everyone wants to measure and understand the impact of culture change and the behaviours

10 most popular articles on culture change of 2017

2017 has been a busy year for Walking the Talk, as more and more people and organisations realise the importance of culture in the

What are people saying about culture measurement?

How to measure culture is becoming one of the most discussed topics on culture, in part in response to regulatory pressure to ensure

The common mistake organisations make when measuring culture

At Walking the Talk, we often get asked, ‘what’s the best way to measure culture?’

Your key to staff engagement may not sit where you think…

Are you in one of the following situations?

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