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Driving positive behaviour change in the workplace

With increasing pressure on people’s time, shortening attention spans, and tightening economic conditions, interventions designed to drive

How to influence your culture (positively)

Carolyn Taylor, Walking the Talk's Founder and Executive Chair, recently shared some inspirational ideas at the IWFM Conference in London.

Improving Accountability in your organisation

Walking the Talk's Founder Carolyn Taylor explains some of the tips to improve accountability within your organisation.

Using a survey to describe your culture

Executive Director Jerome Parisse-Brassens explains why a behavioural tool such as a survey is useful for describing your company's culture.

The difference between influence and hierarchy

Executive Director Amanda Fajak explains why a formal hierarchy doesn't always equal influence.

Hot off the press: Tipping point shrinks to 25%

At Walking the Talk, we are passionate about continuing to evolve our thinking on culture. We are always scanning the latest research and

The 5 most influential factors on culture

I am often asked for a summary of what I find are the 5 factors which most influence culture.

Culture as a Management Practice

On February 27th Walking the Talk in Brazil hosted a breakfast session with Walking the Talk co-founder and Executive Chair Carolyn

Letting go of power is not easy

I was only a teenager when I first read the question ‘what would I do if I weren’t afraid’. I was young and uncertain with all the angst of

The key to influencing behaviour in the workplace

Behaviour is at the core of organisational culture, so it should come as no surprise that influencing the behaviour of others is a critical

Measuring behaviour change

At Walking the Talk, we frequently encounter a challenging and intriguing question from our clients: How can behaviour change be

Why leaders are responsible for the actions of their teams

Respondents to our recent Managing Behaviours survey showed that there is a collective belief amongst leaders, employees, consumers and

How to change the behaviour of your staff

Do you actively manage the behaviour of your employees? Can you say, hand on heart, that you have put things in place in the business to

Managing Behaviour: How to create a speak-up culture

In an article by FT journalist Robert Armstrong on the Volkswagen scandal, he stated that “we have to assume something went wrong with VW’s

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