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The power of beliefs

Last week I read a book that simultaneously amazed and reassured me. It reassured me because it confirms a major foundation of our work on

Identifying your limiting beliefs

I have been doing some work with clients on limiting beliefs – it is such an interesting topic and I personally think it is so powerful

How to influence leaders culture is more than a 'nice to have'

Maintaining a strong link to the business and having tangible measures of your company's progress will transform your culture.

How to develop your leaders as role models

We’re pleased to invite you to watch highlights of our recent webinar to learn more about leading culture. Watch Amanda Fajak, Jerome

Developing leaders as powerful agents of change

The influence of leaders on organisational culture is strong. The shadow that leaders cast into their organisations means that the beliefs

How culture improves team management

In Europe, there's a lot of valuable focus on "talent management". Yesterday I asked a client for his definition of talent management, and

What is the role of HR in culture change?

Recently I spoke to a large group of HR people, and the question came up again, "What is the role of HR in culture change?" This is the

Leadership shadow: Driving culture leadership

What is culture leadership? You may have heard the phrase “Culture is led from the top”. It means that the impact of top leaders on

Culture Management: A systemic view of culture for leaders

Leaders do not operate in a vacuum. They operate in an ecosystem that influences everything they do. Understanding how the ecosystem

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