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Walking the Talk's 10 most popular articles on culture change of 2017

[fa icon="calendar'] 20-Dec-2017 18:59:00 / by Walking the Talk posted in Leadership team, Measuring culture, Carolyn Taylor, Culture change, Leadership, Behaviour, Corporate culture, Leading culture, Innovation, Amanda Fajak, Jerome Parisse-Brassens, Humberto Branco

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2017 has been a busy year for Walking the Talk, as more and more people and organisations realise the importance of culture in the workplace. 

As ever, our blog has continued to offer valuable insights into culture transformation.  To finish off the year, we've rounded up some of the most popular posts penned by our culture change experts. 

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Revised edition of ‘Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success’

[fa icon="calendar'] 15-Sep-2015 19:13:29 / by Walking the Talk posted in Engagement, Leadership team, Mergers and acquisition, Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success, Carolyn Taylor, Change, Culture archetypes, Culture change, Customer-Centric, Leadership, Managing culture, Accountability, Achievement, Be Do Have, Behaviour, Behaviour change, Behaviour management, Communication, Corporate culture, Culture management, Culture planning, Responsibility, Values, Leading culture, One-Team, Symbols, Walking the Talk, Innovation, Systems

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Culture management: 3 simple steps you can take to show you're serious about culture

[fa icon="calendar'] 05-Aug-2014 22:18:04 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Leadership team, Culture change, Leadership, Managing culture, Symbols

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Are you a leader determined to change some elements of the culture of your business or team? An HR professional responsible for culture management who's been given the job of 'making it happen'? Or a consultant wanting to give good advice to your client about getting traction on culture? Here are some tips on how to get people's attention and cut through any potential cynicism.

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5 essentials to build a team culture

[fa icon="calendar'] 29-Jun-2010 03:00:24 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Leadership team, Carolyn Taylor, Team culture, One-Team

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I could really not let this whole month go by without a reference to the World Cup.

 My sister-in-law tells me that what you need as a woman in business is to develop two very good sentences on every sporting topic. To introduce this blog I offer you mine on soccer.

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In whose eyes must you walk your talk?

[fa icon="calendar'] 09-May-2010 16:24:09 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Leadership team, Communication, Openness, Values

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Today Lloyd Blankfein says he will review all practices in the light of recent events.

We are all quick to point fingers at Goldman Sachs as we assess their behaviour against our moral code and accuse them of lacking integrity. They have lost the trust of many, and fallen from their position as the golden firm of Wall Street.  What lessons can we learn from their situation?

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