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Computer says no: changing behaviours - where to start

[fa icon="calendar'] 08-Dec-2014 18:11:43 / by Jerome Parisse-Brassens posted in Leadership, Be Do Have, Behaviour, Behaviour change, Leading culture, Jerome Parisse-Brassens

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I recently had to renew my European passport because it had expired.

As I live in Australia, the only place I could do this was the consulate. My experience of consulates in general – and this one in particular – is that they epitomise bureaucracy (If you’ve had to apply for a visa in the past I am sure you know what I mean.) As a consequence, I always make sure I have all the documents I need – and more – just in case. This time, I visited the consulate’s website to check out the requirements and noticed a link to click on to obtain more detail. But the link wasn’t working, so I simply guessed what I needed to bring and made the appointment.

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How culture can help business imperatives & shareholder value

[fa icon="calendar'] 30-Oct-2014 13:14:06 / by Jerome Parisse-Brassens posted in Customer-Centric, Jerome Parisse-Brassens

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An article in The Australian this week grabbed my attention because it discusses an important device for shaping culture. The article is about Ian Narev - the Commonwealth Bank’s CEO -  and his performance bonus structure: “Governance experts have questioned CBA’s heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction to calculate executive pay.” Credit Suisse (the experts in question) state that “the use of customer satisfaction was flawed as it could not be found to create value for shareholders.”

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