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Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Is what you see what you get?

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  • 11.08.2016
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On Friday 5 August, over 3 billion people around the world had their eyes locked on Rio de Janeiro to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony. There is no doubt about it - ...

It's a fact, people are unpredictable

  The recent political events in the UK have reminded me of a saying that I often use; ‘the only thing we can predict about people is that people are unpredictable’. You ...

Brexit and culture: What if the EU were a company?

I’m fascinated by the behaviours of people. What we can learn from observing them–especially in organisations. And so I found myself wondering, in the midst of one the ...

Embracing difference - sorry Trump, you're wrong

As we barrel towards a potential Brexit (British Exit) from the EU and watch on with a mix of intrigue and disbelief as the USA seems to genuinely consider Donald Trump ...

EU Refugees: Applying the blowtorch to values

  I am particularly stunned by the plight of refugees pouring into Europe at the moment. As I witness the flow of refugees from Syria, Iraq and other countries, as well ...