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Culture for AI: The human needs to be placed at the centre

Walking the Talk’s research on the kind of culture required for successful AI implementation has revealed that to be successful, the

Is your culture AI-ready?

At Walking the Talk, we believe that to be successful in an AI-powered world, businesses will need to have certain cultural attributes,

The success factors you need for cultural transformation

Discover the secret ingredients to successfully change your culture.   {% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4',

How do you build a foundation of trust?

Walking the Talk Executive Director Amanda Fajak explains how you build a foundation of trust.

What are organisational culture archetypes?

There are six cultural archetypes that can be found in every organisation. What are those archetypes, and what roles do they play in

What are the key elements for a culture plan?

What are the key elements that you need to think about when building your culture plan?  Walking the Talk Executive Director Jerome

What are the sources that create culture?

Learn about the three sources of messages in the organisation that contribute to the creation of culture. And how to shift them.{%

Global or local culture plan? How to decide

When helping businesses develop healthy, fit-for-purpose cultures, I often get asked whether the organisation should develop a

How to build a culture plan from scratch

Building a culture plan sits at the core of how you transform organisational cultures. Without a plan, it’s like shooting in the dark:

How you spend your time speaks louder than your words

None of us feel we have enough time. It’s a finite resource, and it forces us to make choices. Those choices send signals about what we

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