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Why you can never over-communicate during the M&A process

  One of the great challenges in M&As and other deals concerns how people feel. As the various steps of a merger go on, most people will feel a combination of ...

Leadership lessons for culture management

  The US votes today. Less than 24 hours from now we will know who has won the battle to be the next President of the United States. And it has been a battle, one that ...

Five reasons we should say 'yes' to gender equality quotas

  Let me say this loud and clear: I am all for gender equality quotas in relation to the number of women in key roles in society and in business in particular.

Why focus is key for culture management

  • Carolyn Taylor
  • 16.03.2016
  • Change
Superficiality damages culture initiatives.  I frequently find organisations developing long, excited lists of the values and behaviours they want to underpin their ...

On the road to empowerment in the workplace

I am currently working with two clients who suffer from opposite symptoms. One organisation is drowning in action, people have no time to stop, everything is a priority ...