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Revised edition of ‘Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success’

[fa icon="calendar'] 15-Sep-2015 19:13:29 / by Walking the Talk posted in Engagement, Leadership team, Mergers and acquisition, Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success, Carolyn Taylor, Change, Culture archetypes, Culture change, Customer-Centric, Leadership, Managing culture, Accountability, Achievement, Be Do Have, Behaviour, Behaviour change, Behaviour management, Communication, Corporate culture, Culture management, Culture planning, Responsibility, Values, Leading culture, One-Team, Symbols, Walking the Talk, Innovation, Systems

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3 habits of highly innovative people

[fa icon="calendar'] 25-Aug-2015 20:28:27 / by Amanda Fajak posted in Culture archetypes, Behaviour, Innovation, Amanda Fajak

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I find it fascinating the number of people who equate creativity with artistry, and in turn, creativity with innovation. In my years working with individuals and organisations on culture, I’ve witnessed an interesting logic pattern. 

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Purpose-led: what Monica Lewinsky can teach us about culture

[fa icon="calendar'] 26-Mar-2015 21:27:32 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Carolyn Taylor, Culture archetypes, Greater-Good

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I found myself very moved by Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk.

At the age of 41, 17 years after her infamous public humiliation, Lewinsky has decided to "take back control of her own story” and pick up the cause of public shaming. One of the Internet’s first subjects of online shaming, the former intern called for compassion and a more responsible approach to the way we consume online scandal and story. In short, she has chosen to seek a purpose-led approach to her life, selecting a subject for which she is highly qualified, and turning that strength into a way to help others.
Upworthy's Co-founder Peter Koechley was in session at the 2015 Changing Media Summit this week. In his presentation, Koechley's spoke of his vision to build a purpose-driven media company:

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People-First: A culture for remarkable results

[fa icon="calendar'] 29-May-2014 12:39:01 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Carolyn Taylor, Culture archetypes, Leadership, Behaviour, Diversity, Empowerment, People-First, Symbols, Systems

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“If you get the environment right, every one of us has the capacity to do remarkable things.”

At Walking the Talk, we work with six archetypes: Achievement, Customer-Centric, Innovation, One-Team, Greater-Good and People-First. It’s People-First that consistently polarises most executives.

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