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Culture Change: Reads of the week 18.01

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Jan-2017 17:17:43 / by Walking the Talk posted in Culture change, Brazil, Diversity, Openness, Brands

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Welcome to our latest 'Culture Change' blog, where you'll find links to the latest culture news and insights. Read on to find out about the importance of being open, how to keep positivity alive,  the potential pitfalls of diversity programmes, and more.

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Culture leadership: '2016 - the year Brazil should never forget.'

[fa icon="calendar'] 12-Jan-2017 12:48:23 / by Walking the Talk posted in Leadership, Brazil, Culture management

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2016 was quite a year. Here in Brazil, there have been many comments over the last few weeks along the lines of “is 2016 over yet?” and “2017 can’t come any sooner!”. Now that January is here, the talk is that 2016 “is a year to be forgotten”.

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Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Is what you see what you get?

[fa icon="calendar'] 11-Aug-2016 14:58:26 / by Walking the Talk posted in Change, Accountability, Behaviour, Brazil, Leading culture, Current affairs

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On Friday 5 August, over 3 billion people around the world had their eyes locked on Rio de Janeiro to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony. There is no doubt about it - it was a beautiful spectacle. Headlines throughout the world the following day congratulated Brazil for a truly amazing show. As the Washington Post said, “Rio was basking in what it does best. This is a country expert in revelry, which every years fills its streets with dancing, stranger-kissing, inebriated glee at Carnival.”
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Scandal and culture in Brazil – are they connected?

[fa icon="calendar'] 01-Sep-2015 20:17:55 / by Walking the Talk posted in Change, Reputational risk, Brazil

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Following Brazil’s ‘Operation Car Wash’ (Operação Lava Jato) corruption case – an event not dissimilar to Italy’s Mani Pulite Investigation in 2001 – most experienced Brazilian political scientists will recommend that business and risk analysts exercise a broad view of Brazil’s current situation, a view that extends beyond short-term scandals and the daily news headlines.

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In Portuguese - Cultura: é agora e somos nós

[fa icon="calendar'] 17-Jun-2010 12:19:16 / by Walking the Talk posted in Carolyn Taylor, Brazil, Leading culture

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Today we launched our company in Brazil.  In celebration, I offer a blog in Portuguese for the many people who are showing interest.

Escrevi um blog no início do ano e volto a publicar uma versão atualizada, pois hoje vi um artigo publicado  na “Fast Company” , que enfatiza pontos valiosos. Quando escrevi eu estava visualizando o futuro. Desde que lançamos os nossos novos produtos no mercado, os quais tem como objetivo treinar os profissionais de RH em como liderar, gerir e apoiar a cultura, eu  passei a ter tinha um veículo para fazer isso acontecer. Acreditamos que a gestão de cultura é possível, e quero oferecer estes produtos de apoio a organizações que pretendam desenvolver a sua cultura e tenham necessidade de construir uma capacidade interna maior para conseguir tal resultado. Esta capacidade permitirá que a área de HR consiga posicionar-se com uma contribuição de forma mais direta para o negócio.

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