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Culture Change: Reads of the week 10.11

[fa icon="calendar'] 10-Nov-2017 11:26:56 / by Walking the Talk posted in Engagement, Culture change, Corporate culture, Values, Jerome Parisse-Brassens, Brands

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Our latest digest of culture change takes a look a Uber's new cultural norms, a Reese Peanut Butter Cup metaphor and reasons to focus on employee engagement.

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Managing Behaviour: How to create a speak-up culture

[fa icon="calendar'] 08-Feb-2017 17:57:06 / by Amanda Fajak posted in Corporate culture, Managing behaviours, Brands

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In a recent article by FT journalist Robert Armstrong on the Volkswagen scandal, he stated that “we have to assume something went wrong with VW’s culture such that immoral behaviour became acceptable”.

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Culture Change: Reads of the week 18.01

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Jan-2017 17:17:43 / by Walking the Talk posted in Culture change, Brazil, Diversity, Openness, Brands

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Welcome to our latest 'Culture Change' blog, where you'll find links to the latest culture news and insights. Read on to find out about the importance of being open, how to keep positivity alive,  the potential pitfalls of diversity programmes, and more.

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2015's culture trends as we saw them

[fa icon="calendar'] 31-Dec-2015 11:27:23 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Engagement, Carolyn Taylor, Behaviour, Business case for culture, Corporate culture, Brands

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During 2015, we’ve found an increased interest in culture among companies.

Those who are motivated to work on their culture in order to achieve future visions have been joined by those who are motivated by protecting their reputations. A result, perhaps, of the latest round of high-profile, culture-driven scandals (see VW). 

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The tarnishing of Volkswagen – A failure of corporate culture?

[fa icon="calendar'] 24-Sep-2015 11:34:12 / by Walking the Talk posted in Leadership, Reputational risk, Behaviour, Culture defined, Amanda Fajak, Brands

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In the wake of the Volkswagen scandal there are a few things that are likely to occur: The company’s brand may be irrevocably damaged and there will be tough questions that emerge around how this could possibly happen. More interesting, will be whether what has happened at Volkswagen emerges as an isolated incident, or whether there is an industry norm to install so-called ‘trick devices’.
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