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The Danger Zone: When Leaders Lose Sight of their impact

When accusatory, emotive and vitriolic language is used by people in power, red warning lights go on all over the place and sirens blare.

Four key factors for achieving culture results fast

We all know that changing an organisation’s culture is a long-term game, but a common challenge we hear from clients is how to

Identify the lynchpin of your culture

Have you ever played Rubik’s cube or any magic cube? They seem to have made a comeback with more complicated arrangements and sizes. I

Hot off the press: Tipping point shrinks to 25%

 At Walking the Talk, we are passionate about continuing to evolve our thinking on culture. We are always scanning the latest research

How you spend your time speaks louder than your words

None of us feel we have enough time. It’s a finite resource, and it forces us to make choices. Those choices send signals about what we

The role of measurement in culture and behaviour change

As the role of culture is better understood, everyone wants to measure and understand the impact of culture change and the behaviours

Culture as a Management Practice

On February 27th Walking the Talk in Brazil hosted a breakfast session with Walking the Talk co-founder and Executive Chair Carolyn

How to Accelerate Culture Change Across the Organisation

One of the most commonly asked questions in my work on culture is how long will the change take? When will we have the culture we need?

The key to influencing behaviour in the workplace

Behaviour is at the core of organisational culture, so it should come as no surprise that influencing the behaviour of others is a

How to measure behaviour change

One of the most difficult and interesting questions that we at Walking the Talk get asked by our clients is how to measure behaviour

Why leaders are responsible for the actions of their teams

Respondents to our recent Managing Behaviours survey showed that there is a collective belief amongst leaders, employees, consumers and

New report: Managing Behaviours in the Workplace

Our Managing Behaviours in the Workplace research report is now available for you to download.

Managing behaviours: How to change the behaviour of your staff

Do you actively manage the behaviour of your employees? Can you say, hand on heart, that you have put things in place in the business to

Culture management: How agile are you?

When I ask teams of executives if they can identify the business imperatives for culture in their organisation, one thing that is often

Culture transformation: Can we really change our habits at work?

Growing new habits and forming new behaviours isn’t easy, and often requires support.

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