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The culture leader of tomorrow

I am seeing a significant shift in organisational culture in response to the VUCA world we live it and the coming-of-age of Digital and

Patterns of an agile culture

There are four distinctive patterns of behaviour of an agile culture – customer-centricity, self-direction, experimentation and

Cracking the agile code

There’s a big difference between implementing an Agile process and having an agile culture.Watch our video to help crack the agile

Creating an agile culture for your organisation

After ten years of implementation of Agile by organisations around the world, I’m only seeing mitigated success.  Agile takes its roots

What are the key shifts to create an agile culture?

Creating an agile culture involves fundamentally rethinking how you run your organisation and most organisations that we spoke to in our

What does it mean to create an agile culture?

For many, Agile is associated with the technology part of your business or one or two pockets in your organisation. It is often thought

Why should you consider agile for your organisation?

Our ability and desire to change as humans, has driven an extraordinary rate of change in particular over the past 10 years.  Think of

Download Research Report on Agile Culture

Walking the Talk is excited to announce the release of our 2019 research report on agile culture.

Creating an agile culture

Agile culture is about continually finding ways to improve your organisation's approach. Walking the Talk Executive Director Amanda Fajak

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