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Medal Behaviour: How the UK Olympic team forged a winning culture

[fa icon="calendar'] 23-Aug-2016 16:05:15 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Carolyn Taylor, Achievement, Behaviour, Team culture

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The Atlanta games in 1996 saw Great Britain’s worst performance at a summer Olympic games since 1952, taking home just one gold medal. Twenty years later, Team GB depart Rio this week with 67 medals —27 of them gold. Little Britain sits proudly above sporting superpowers such as Russia, Australia, and, most notably, China in the gold medal tally.

But the UK’s “greatest haul” in 108 years did not happen by accident... Instead, they went and created a winning culture that has resulted in record-breaking results.

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Revised edition of ‘Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success’

[fa icon="calendar'] 15-Sep-2015 19:13:29 / by Walking the Talk posted in Engagement, Leadership team, Mergers and acquisition, Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success, Carolyn Taylor, Change, Culture archetypes, Culture change, Customer-Centric, Leadership, Managing culture, Accountability, Achievement, Be Do Have, Behaviour, Behaviour change, Behaviour management, Communication, Corporate culture, Culture management, Culture planning, Responsibility, Values, Leading culture, One-Team, Symbols, Walking the Talk, Innovation, Systems

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Managing the Front End: How a commitment conversation can make all the difference

[fa icon="calendar'] 13-Nov-2013 12:18:35 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Carolyn Taylor, Leadership, Accountability, Achievement, Communication

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There's a moment which underpins good Achievement Culture: The Moment of Commitment.

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A rainbow of honesty: how to use symbols to change culture

[fa icon="calendar'] 08-Nov-2010 10:32:14 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Videos, Achievement, Behaviour, Symbols, Systems

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Here is an interview with the CEO of Ford, Alan Mulally.

It's good all the way through, but especially from minutes 12'-16'30".  He tells a great story of a highly visible moment where he found a way to use the traffic light system to get his people to know that covering up poor performance is a worse sin that the results themselves. You get to hear how quick it can be to change a cultural norm with the right leadership behavior.

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Why an effective culture counts more than a good one

[fa icon="calendar'] 23-May-2010 12:51:19 / by Carolyn Taylor posted in Achievement, People-First

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I became engaged in a valuable conversation this week with a wise consultant during an accreditation I was running with a group who want to become partners of Walking the Talk. 

She pointed out that I often used the word 'good' to describe a certain type of culture, and suggested that 'effective' might be better.  I think she is right.  A culture needs to be FIT FOR PURPOSE which means that it enables the organisation to become more effective at what it is trying to achieve.  Think of it as a tool kit.

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