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The future is now: how YouTube is changing mental models

[fa icon="calendar"] 05-Oct-2009 11:25:00 / by Carolyn Taylor

The future is now: how YouTube is changing mental models
This video really blew me away.

It was recommended to me by my new friend Sophie Goodman, who is a real anthropologist, looking to apply her knowledge to the corporate environment. (Most of us corporate culture people cannot claim that background).

I realise it's nearly an hour long, I didn't even expect myself to watch it all. But I have, twice! It succinctly summarises Web 1.0 as being about linking information, Web 2.0 about linking people.

It's set me thinking hard about the new culture that is emerging as a result of the way people are using the web. How is it changing the way we think and relate, and what does this mean for corporate culture? How have I changed? Where are the opportunities for me to become more open-hearted, more connected, more effective? How can we use the web more to create communities at work? How can Web 2.0 accelerate culture change? Answers to these are emerging in my mind, and as they do I know they will change most things about the way I work with clients.

If you watch nothing else, watch these segments.

  • Minutes 1-5 on how this new culture works
  • Minutes 17-19 on integrating the duality of individualism and the desire for community
  • Minutes 47-53 on how Web 2.0 is creating a mental model shift to ‘one world', one-team

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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