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Accountability: Put a name on it

[fa icon="calendar"] 07-Jan-2010 03:57:00 / by Carolyn Taylor


Remember to focus on Employee engagement

Here's a great practical tip from Seth Godin's blog about how to increase a culture of accountability, and link this to your people"s targeted goals and achievements.

He suggests making it public knowledge that everyone knows who the person is who has set a particular policy, introduced a new service for customers or come up with a new idea. Put there name on it. The name dramatically increases accountability.


I am often asked whether goals should be shared or individual. I believe that the goals shared by a team are actually the goals of the boss, allocated to the team to implement. In most cases it is the boss who is ultimately accountable for delivering those goals. Therefore if you were to put a name on the goals, it should be the name of the boss.

On the other hand, many times a boss delegates a whole goal or task to an individual. At that moment, the name on the goal becomes that of the individual.

Even when "WE" feel accountable, we usually divide up activities so each person has their role. This is the best way to get things done. So taking a goal to the individual level sharpens up accountability and increases the likelihood that it will get done.

Experiment with putting people"s names of things. If you are not able do it, accountability is probably unclear. It you do not want to do it, accountability is probably being avoided.

Putting your name on something tells the world that you are willing to stand up and me counted. People will know who to come to if they are unhappy, and who to praise if they are delighted.

I find my blog good in this way. This is me talking to you. If you like it or dislike it, I cannot hide behind the structure of a marketing department. It makes me feel alive, and makes me do my best. Ah, that"s what we call employee engagement! 


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