The age of the mindful organisation: Mindfulness symposium 2014


Posted by Walking the Talk - 01 October, 2014


Our CEO, Carolyn Taylor, was guest speaker last week at a very special symposium hosted by our partner, Mindfulness at Work, and JP Morgan. Other speakers included Arianna Huffington, Mindfulness at Work’s Louise Cox Chester, president of the Mindful National organisation, Krinsha Pendyala, clinical psychologist, Dr. Chris Irons and David Pearl.

Arianna Huffington speaks at the Mindfulness at Work symposium, SouthbankImage by Jonathan Perugia

CAROLYN: "I started my career teaching mindfulness. Since then, I've always maintained it as a personal practice. It was not something I ever shared through my work helping clients to change culture. After spending an evening with Arianna Huffington, I felt the time had come to be bolder in the quest to build mindful organisations, with mindful leaders.

Culture change is about changing behaviours and habits that have built up in the organisation - 'the way we do things around here.’  In order to change a behaviour, an individual must catch themselves in that moment before action, and make a difference choice.


Carolyn Taylor. Photograph by Jonathan Perugia
Carolyn Taylor, CEO of Walking the Talk.
Image by Jonathan Perugia

What does it take to be able to take that pause?
More self-awareness. A greater ability to witness one’s own behaviour.  These are the gifts of mindfulness.  To loosen the grip of habits is to provide oneself with choice.
Once a leadership team has become clear and aligned on the patterns of behaviour they want in their organisation, and the vision is set, then changing existing habits is a matter of daily choices. Role modelling oneself and encouraging others is a daily practice, and one which is made much easier if one’s mind is stilled through regular mindful routines. 10 years ago, emotional intelligence emerged as a valued attribute in leaders.  I now see a trend emerging which I believe will result in mindfulness becoming equally valued. I am delighted to be a part of a growing group of influencers who will accelerate that happening."
Louise Cox Chester. Photo by Jonathan Perugia
Louise Cox Chester, founder of Mindfulness at Work.
Image by Jonathan Perugia
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