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Posted by Carolyn Taylor - 16 October, 2009

Are you forwarding this blog on to other people? Can you do that? It will benefit all of us.
If you work inside a company find an post which resonates with what you are trying to achieve with your culture, and forward that link to colleagues with a note of encouragement, or to your bosses to stimulate thinking. If you are a consultant, forward different posts to different clients, according to the issues you know are relevant to them.


Why is this beneficial to all of us? Blogs become really interesting when they stimulate comments and become the basis of conversations being held by a community of people with a shared interest. To achieve this we need a big reader base, and some individuals who are willing to actively participate in the blog by writing comments, especially comments which add to or challenge what I have written. (Comments saying ‘love your blog’ are lovely to receive and don’t stop sending them, but the comments that will benefit everyone are your personal experiences and opinions about culture. These, if you use your real name, also allow you to profile yourself to the Walking the Talk community which could be useful for you.)

If you want to become a little more technical, you can also link this blog to your blog, give it a thumbs up in Digg, and link it to Delicious. All these things move it up the blog rankings and attract more readers, which in turn makes the blog more interesting because of their comments.

Blogging is based on the value of generosity. I take time out of my day to write these blogs, sharing my experience which I hope gives you ideas and tips to help you with your culture plans. Generosity will often promote reciprocity, which is others giving something back in return. Comments are a really good way to give back.

The site has around 400 readers so far, one month since it started. My goal is 10000 within a year. When the site readership is a little higher, I will open it up as an e-zine, and invite contributions from others from whom we can all learn. People who are doing great things in their companies, and others like me who are advising them. All of us will benefit from this.

So, come on, take a risk. Leave a comment on the blog AND forward the link to some other people! 

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