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Culture Change: Reads of the week 26.07

[fa icon="calendar"] 26-Jul-2017 18:23:37 / by John Hodges

Our Culture Change blog provides the latest views and insights from the world of organisational culture. Do you know the true importance of asking 'why?' to make impactful change, or how to prevent groupthink from occurring in your organisation? Read on to find out...

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Why Workplace Diversity Diminishes Groupthink And How Millennials Are Helping

How Workplace Diversity Diminishes Groupthink (and How Millennials Are Helping)

'Groupthink' is dangerous in an organisation. When too many members of a team are similar in background and experience, it can mean that ideas aren't challenged or that alternative options aren't explored. This can weaken products or solutions. Individualism, such as that seen in a large number of millenials, or forming diverse teams that are truly diverse, are ways to prevent this from occuring. Ths will help to generate more creative or inventive solutions for your business offering.


Let's Align Habits To Organizational Values

As outlined in this piece for Culture University from Walking the Talk CEO, the values of your organisation matter. But it's not enough to just have stated values - you have to practice them, and walk your talk. This article shares insights that only 27% of employees believe in their employer's stated values, demonstrating that there is a huge disconnect in many organisations. So what can leaders do to resolve this?



It Takes More Than Tech to Get Teams to Collaborate Effectively

It Takes More Than Tech to Get Teams to Collaborate Effectively

The increasing tendency to rely on technology in our personal lives is starting to be mirrored in the workplace, too. Whilst there are many great technologies out there that help us to work as a team and to collaborate, the importance of a human touch is often underplayed. This article shares do-able advice on how - and why - leaders can get their teams to work together in an effective and practical way. 


'Don't Let Perfect Get In the Way Of Good' And Other Tips From Transformation Experts

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This piece asks a select number of leadership experts what the biggest mistake that people go through when leading a transformation, and their top piece of guidance they give to those embarking upon a transformation. There are some great nuggets of advice, such as the importance of always starting by asking 'why?'.


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John Hodges

Written by John Hodges

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