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Culture Change: Reads of the week 24.08

[fa icon="calendar"] 24-Aug-2017 11:01:10 / by John Hodges

Our latest Culture Change blog shares insights on how to create a speak-up culture in your organisation, why your culture is affecting your company's valuation, and much more ...


How a corporate mission can drive young workers away


As this piece from the BBC shows, organisational values and mission statements are more important than ever to both existing and potential employees. Increasingly, companies are being held to account to ensure that they 'walk their talk'. We particularly liked the following sentence, which demonstrates the significance of organisations living up to their stated values in today's marketplace: 

This is not about coddling millennials; this is about creating an organisation that is so attractive to the most highly educated and technically adept generation to ever come knocking at your door looking for a job that they will want to join, and stay.”

It really is that important.

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Uber's turmoil has reportedly taken a toll on its valuation

Uber's culture has been costly

As shown in our Culture Counts report , investors are increasingly looking at and assessing the culture of an organistation when doing their company valuations. This has resulted in a 15% decrease in valuation for the US tech company. The lawsuits, negative reports and investigations into its workplace culture have taken their toll on the organisation - time will tell how this affects them in the long term. What is guaranteed is that a new organisational culture must emerge if they wish to improve their standing. 

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Google is sharing its management tools with the world


Google's Re:Work blog was created to share 'practices, research, and ideas from Google and other organizations to put people first'. In their biggest attempt to do so yet, the web giant shared a number of documents that are designed to helped leaders manage their organisation effectively.

The tools include feedback surveys, meeting agenda's, career development guides, and training pieces for new managers that are sure to be worthy reading for anyone wishing to improve their leadership skills and to gain new insights on how to drive their team forwards.

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How to make it easier for people to speak up


The communication style of ‘speak up’ is an extremely effective one for breaking down silos, building collaboration and encourages challenge and debate. However, 'speaking up' is not necessarily something that comes naturally to all employees. Alongside this, they may be fearful that doing so will put them at risk or 'mark their card'.

It is, therefore, often the responsibility of leaders to create an environment where employees feel comfortable enough to voice their opinions or to flag if they see inappropriate behaviour in the workplace - essential if scandals are to be avoided. This article offers 10 practical ways to encourage people in your organisation to speak up, all of which are straightforward for leaders to implement.

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Written by John Hodges

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