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Culture Change: Reads of the week 12.07

[fa icon="calendar"] 12-Jul-2017 17:26:50 / by John Hodges

Read the latest Culture Change blog to gain insights into how your organisation can prepare for the future of the workplace, how to instil a culture of trust in your organisation, and more ... 

The Future Of The Workplace And What HR Can Do To Prepare

As the future of the workplace draws near, so do the changes that come with it. Trends and accepted practices of the past will no longer apply, and human resources leadership must be prepared, lest they miss acquiring crucial talent.



Is Your Organization's Culture Helping Or Hurting You?

When people are asked what they want out of life, guess what the most common answer is? To be happy. If happiness is our main goal, and we spend most of our adult lives at work, it only makes sense that organizations’ cultures should be conducive to our happiness. However, there appears to be a negative trend in work cultures with increasingly stressed and unhappy employees. The author argues that this warrants a broad review of corporate cultures to highlight practical ways employers can improve the work life of employees.


Want Your Employees to Trust You? Show You Trust Them

Executives and managers invest a lot of effort and time building trust in their teams: both establishing trust in their employees and ensuring that their employees trust them in return. But many employees say they do not feel trusted by their managers. And when employees don’t feel trusted, workplace productivity and engagement often suffer. It’s up to managers to signal trust in their employees in consistent and thoughtful ways


Leaders want development that aligns with business goals

Leaders want to see executive education and leadership development align better with their firm’s business goals, according to research from the FT and IE Corporate Learning Alliance.

The Corporate Pulse Survey polled 1,000 executives from Europe, the Middle East, Japan and China, and found that 41% wanted their business goals and executive education to more strategically align. A similar number (37%) desired better long-term planning of programmes.


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John Hodges

Written by John Hodges

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