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Culture Change: Reads of the week 09.12

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Our latest digest of culture takes a look at the daily routines of executives, character traits of successful leaders, questions every leaders should ask themselves and why corporate culture is a low priority for boards.

5 questions every leader should ask

Walking the Talk's Jerome Parisse-Brassens asks are you a great leader? Ask yourself these 5 questions.

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daily routines to improve your working life


22 daily routines these successful executives say help them succed

High achievers share their daily habits that have aided their continual success.

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7 character traits exceptional leaders have in common

Entrepreneur take a look a the traits that will breed respect from your team, 

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Corporate culture needs to be higher up the agenda

 Corporate culture is an alarmingly low priority for boards

 Only one in five say they spend the right amount of time on culture.  

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We make culture do-able. Find out how

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