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Culture Change: Reads of the week 09.03

[fa icon="calendar"] 09-Mar-2017 14:43:35 / by John Hodges

In this week’s Culture Change blog, we take a look at the ongoing Uber saga, how to build a united workforce in an increasingly divided environment, and how to implement effective culture management amongst a remote workforce…

3 Ways to Engage Offsite Employees in Your Culture


Culture Change: Getting culture on the strategic agenda

Culture on the agenda.jpg

As our Regional Director Europe Amanda Fajak outlines, the argument for culture to have a key position on the strategic agenda has never been more compelling. Read why culture change should be a key focus for you.

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Building an Inclusive Workplace in a Divisive World

People Together-8.jpg

It could well be argued that people today are more divided politically and socially than they have been in quite some time. So as organisations strive to become more diverse in a number of areas, it is essential that leadership teams make sure that each individual is made to feel respected, included and empowered. How do you go about this?

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Culture Management: Creating a culture for safety

Culture of safety.jpg

Instilling a culture of safety takes a high level of culture management, time and commitment. However, the results of doing so make the investment truly worthwhile, as Walking the Talk’s Humberto Branco points out.

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3 Ways to Engage Offsite Employees in Your Culture

3 Ways to Engage Offsite Employees in Your Culture

As remote working becomes much more commonplace, businesses are faced with new challenges. Alongside building engagement within an organisation, this article makes some good suggestions on how to instil a cohesive and effective company culture amongst employees, whether based at home, abroad, or in the office.

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Uber staff take to app to anonymously discuss company cultureUber logo on balloons

The Uber culture scandal continues to roll on. One interesting and somewhat ironic piece of this is how technology has helped Uber employees to vent their frustrations and to flag their own issues. We are increasingly seeing the impact that apps and other tech-based solutions are having on the workplace and how they can unify employees.


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How to really reform a toxic company culture, at Uber or anywhere else

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick speaks to students during an interaction at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai.

As pointed out in the article, CEOs need to model the behaviours they want to see in their companies. It’s clear that the current CEO isn’t doing that. Similarly, there are a number of existing practices within the organisation that have allowed a number of issues and a toxic culture to manifest. The good news? These matters can be resolved, no matter the company or the scale of the problem.

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