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Culture Change: Reads of the week 07.06

[fa icon="calendar"] 07-Jun-2017 16:05:18 / by John Hodges

Discover three strategies for CEOs to improve corporate culture, the true role that empathic leaders play in an organisation, and how you can make inclusion a reality in your workplace in our latest Culture Change blog...

3 Strategies for CEOs to Improve Corporate Culture


The role of empathetic leaders in recruiting, engaging and retaining talent

Research suggests that empathy is one of the key things that employees look for in their leadership teams, but that it is one thing that many leaders lack. Empathy in leaders can drive a culture of openness and boost retention rates, yet 85% of US workers believe that it is “highly undervalued by businesses” according to this piece. So how can a shift occur?

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Why Organizational Culture Is The Most Powerful, Practical Tool For Impact And What To Do About It

The confusion that exists by many organisations regarding the difference between culture and engagement can mean that many of them place their efforts in the wrong place, looking for short term wins rather than implementing measures that will make a true difference to their success. This article highlights that whilst company culture isn't easy to uphold and maintain, it's critically important.

Using the example that employees are unlikely to feel frustrated at work because they “had to buy their own lunch” but rather because of lack of clarity within the decision-making process, there are some clear and useful examples here of where leaders should be focusing their efforts. These may not be the easiest items to action, but they will be the most effective.

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3 Strategies for CEOs to Improve Corporate Culture

3 Strategies for CEOs to Improve Corporate Culture

As Shellye Archambeau, CEO of MetricStream shares in this piece, culture is the glue that binds a company together, and it starts at the very top of an organisation. Archambeau provides leaders with three effective ways to develop the culture of their business. With practical examples, this piece is a good starting point for those unsure where to begin on their culture journey.

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How Inclusion Creates A Positive Workplace Culture

Inclusion is key item on the agenda of most businesses. It provides numerous benefits to organisations themselves, and also to their workforce. Inclusion encourages a 'One-Team' culture, which reduces the risk of silos and also gives individual employees the confidence to speak up and to take accountability for results. Having an open-door policy, creating mentor opportunities, and offering educational growth are three ways this article suggests to help encourage a workplace culture of inclusion - do you have any to add?


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Written by John Hodges

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