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Culture Change: Reads of the week 05.07

[fa icon="calendar"] 05-Jul-2017 22:45:05 / by John Hodges

Discover how technology is set to help organisations achieve a cultural fit with their employees, the benefits that mindful leadership bring, and much more in these week's Culture Change blog... 

How To Create Mindful Leadership

A number of large organisations, such as Google,  have been implementing large-scale mindfulness programs over the past few years. Thousands of employees have gone through their programs with data now showing that there is a definite impact on leadership skills by practicing mindfulness - the biggest of which is its direct impact on the development of emotional intelligence.


Cultural Fit: A Must for Candidate Selection

Cultural Fit: A Must for Candidate Selection

Recruiters today are banking upon technology to help them select the perfect talent for their organizations. From artificial intelligence-based screening to cognitive assessment-led interviews, technology is turning the tables when it comes to candidate selection. In the bid to become tech-savvy, one may tend to ignore the finer aspects of candidate assessment—the softer areas of cultural fit and soft-skill assessment.


How Whole Foods Can Keep its Identity After the Amazon Deal

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods for $13.7 billion merges two companies from entirely different industries. History shows that combining large companies across sectors means balancing different priorities, cultures, and goals—which doesn’t happen easily.

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods primes the Internet giant to not only inject its customer experience prowess into the grocery chain, but take over the coveted world of organic groceries. But before the lives of grocery shoppers are changed for good, the tech giant and grocery chain must overcome the organizational and technical union of their unique houses.


Opinion: How to build trusting relationships in a virtual workforce

The Oxford Group recently conducted a survey on global workforce attitudes, and one of the questions was whether employees feel that having a virtual workforce affects trust levels within the company. It revealed some interesting results. Sixteen per cent of workers believe that the existence of a virtual workforce directly leads to a lack of trust and solid relationships between the team. When split between genders, 20 per cent of men feel this is true, while only 14 per cent of women agree.


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John Hodges

Written by John Hodges

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