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Culture Change: Reads of the week 05.04

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Our first Culture Change blog of April shares with us the three external factors that are driving corporate culture, how we're thinking about culture in the wrong way, and much more...



How company culture can make or break your business

It’s hard to argue with the statement that “toxic cultures kill more businesses than recessions," whether companies are aware of it or not. If you don't build a strong culture in your business, one will appear anyway -- and it likely won't be supportive in enabling your company to achieve it’s goals.


Culture change at VW may take time, HR chief says

One of the things we’re often asked at Walking the Talk by leaders is what they can do to accelerate a change in their culture. In truth, the culture journey is a long one, and it requires considerable investment both in time and emotional energy. The good news for Volkswagen is that they understand that, are open in communicating it and are now making those steps to walk their talk.


Three External Factors Driving Corporate Cultural Change Today

An interesting read that shares insight into some of the key drivers of cultural change today, and how these have changed over time. Whilst we must be careful not to confuse culture with engagement, it is certainly true that factors such as a more mobile workforce and advancing technologies have had a large impact on how things get done in the day-to-day within organisations globally.


We’re Thinking About Organizational Culture All Wrong


A thought-provoking article, that demonstrates how organisational culture is much more than simply striving to work towards a set of corporate values and stated beliefs. Our definition of culture is that it is the ‘patterns of behaviours that are encouraged, discouraged and tolerated by people and systems over time.’ The culture that is present in an organisation can in fact be the very thing that is holding it back, or may create issues in the future – such as acting in a potentially-scandalous manner in order to achieve results.



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