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Culture Change: Reads of the week 04.10

[fa icon="calendar"] 04-Oct-2017 17:23:36 / by John Hodges

Do you know why your culture efforts are failing? Why a 'culture of coaching' is key to success? Or what a 'coffice' is and why you'll soon be working in one? Read our latest Culture Change blog to find out.

Liminal Leaders interview Carolyn Taylor

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As part of a series of interviews with noted thought leaders, Walking the Talk CEO Carolyn Taylor was asked to share some of her views and insights regarding the ever evolving world of organisational change.


Open-plan offices don't work and will be replaced by the ‘coffice’, says BT futurologist

Despite their prime intentions, research suggests that open-plan offices are bad for productivity. Dr Nicole Millard,a futurologist at BT, explains why large, open offices may be holding your companies profits back. Whether they will soon die out remains to be seen, but it seems that change will be necessary for any if they wish to get the best out of their team members.



Three Reasons Why Culture Efforts Fail

Culture change requires long-term efforts and true commitment. It's true that many efforts to transform the culture of an organisation fail - according to a McKinsey survey, only one in three organisational change efforts actually succeed. That's why Walking the Talk provice clients with a culture framework, in order to ensure alignment on exactly what is needed to bring success. This piece shares some of the common pitfalls that must be avoided.



A 'Culture of Coaching' Is Your Company's Most Important Ingredient for Success

As employee habits change, their is an increasing amount of evidence that shows the key to attracting and retaining talent lies in empowerment, and in giving team members sufficient opportunities to grow. With employee retention being the number one priority for almost 9/10 business leaders, it seems that the key to success lies in fostering a 'coaching culture' that embraces  learning and advancement, and helps drive true executive development.



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