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Posted by Walking the Talk - 03 May, 2017


Discover the seven signs of a good leader, why you need to implement an effective whistleblowing policy, how HR can foster innovative thinking, and much more in our latest Culture Change blog...


Whistleblowing: A whistle-stop tour

Over the last few years, we have seen a number of examples of how a corporate scandal can truly dent an organisation, or force it to collapse. A common issue in these organisations is that the emerging scandal is rarely an isolated incident, but rather a manifestation of everyday behaviours that either haven’t been flagged or have been ignored by select senior figures internally. To prevent this, it’s essential that companies have a solid whistleblowing policy, one that protects employees, promotes investigations a trustworthy body, and promotes early reporting.

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Building a High-Performance Culture: Key Lessons from Top Cultures for 2017

A strong, vibrant workplace culture nearly always leads to high employee engagement, while a weak one usually results in poor morale, low productivity and high turnover. Why do some organizations' cultures thrive while others fail? A recent survey from CultureIQ provides some insight. In winning cultures, leadership is a key differentiator. Evaluating culture from a data-driven and strategic perspective.

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How Can You Spot Really Good Leaders?

How to spot really good leaders

The effect that a leader has on their employees cannot be overstated. The power inherent in a leader’s position amplifies the impact of their ‘walk’ and ‘talk’ across the business – something we define as the ‘shadow of the leader’. Whilst it is imperative that you put the right person in these leadership positions, mistakes are made too often. According to this piece, there are seven key traits to look out for when identifying the next person that will take your organisation to the top.

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How can HR foster innovative thinking?

HR role in fostering innovation


In this piece for HR Magazine, three HR professionals share their insights into the role of HR in developing an innovative culture. As outlined in the article, innovation and diversity can in fact be classified subsets of ‘culture’. If organisations are able to implement their target culture, things like innovation – if desired – will flow.

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