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Mairi Doyle

How to Balance a Culture of Wellness with High Performance

Business performance and employee wellbeing are often pitted as conflicting with each other. However, far from being mutually exclusive,

Why humility is a key leadership trait

Leaders often believe they have to have all the answers. They feel they must live up to the expectation of being the smartest person in

Simple starters for leaders in building an inclusive culture

In our last blog, ‘How to build an inclusive culture’ we looked at the role of behaviours, systems, and symbols in building an inclusive

How can you build an inclusive culture?

You may be thinking that building an inclusive culture is a huge task, and you don’t know where to start. The key is to focus on the

Why is a culture of inclusion so important?

Here we unpack why it’s so important for companies, and the business benefits it will bring to your organisation.

What is an inclusive culture?

Inclusion is rightly a hot topic for organisations looking to change their culture and improve performance. Many companies understand the

Why you need to build a language of accountability in your organisation

Accountability is the ability of one person or group to deliver to the expectations of the other. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? In reality,

Video: Limiting self-beliefs

Walking the Talk's Mairi Doyle explains the limits of self-beliefs and the effects they have.

Identifying your limiting beliefs

I have been doing some work with clients on limiting beliefs – it is such an interesting topic and I personally think it is so powerful

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