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Jerome Parisse-Brassens

Jerome is Executive Director at Walking the Talk.

How to refresh your company values

Do you feel your company values may not fully represent who you are any more and therefore need updating? If so, you’re not the only one.

The secret for changing your culture fast - Focus, focus, focus

Prioritisation: We all know the benefits. We all know we should do it. We all know how hard it is. The basic principle behind the power of

Does company culture affect employee motivation? No - and yes

No Elements that are more likely to directly impact employee motivation are short-term factors such as pay, working conditions, work-life

Digital transformation and Customer-centricity: Chicken or egg?

Client: "We need to assess our digital maturity."Me: "Why?"Client: "As you know from our strategy, we must become more customer-centric if

The language of accountability

Language is a powerful lever that can be used to transform culture. One could argue that I have built this belief as a trained linguist,

Managing the emotional journey of M&As

Are you aware of the emotional journey that people go through during a merger or an acquisition process? This journey is the same for all

Performance reviews as key lever for culture change

An increasing number of organisations are replacing the old-style staff performance reviews with ongoing manager feedback to employees.

Should you focus more on behaviours or values in your culture journey?

Both values and behaviours form part of your culture, so in theory you could use both to shape your culture the way you want it. However,

Measuring organisational culture change

Measuring culture change is good culture management, but how do you do it?

Is your culture hindering digital transformation?

Walking the Talk’s solutionTo successfully transform in a digital world, businesses need to have certain cultural attributes that are not

The Digital/AI leader of tomorrow is a connected leader

For Walking the Talk’s latest research into cultures for Digital and Artificial Intelligence, we interviewed numerous leaders from many

Empowerment is the key digital transformation success factor

One of the key cultural attributes of successful digital transformations, which we identified in our recent research on Culture for

A root cause of significant cultural resistance

Walking the Talk's Jerome Parisse-Brassens explains that a root cause of significant cultural resistance is managers and employees using

In an AI world transparency increases

In this video, Walking the Talk's Jerome Parisse-Brassens why in an AI world transparency increases because barriers are brought down and

In an AI-empowered world, maintaining control is even harder

Walking the Talk's Jerome Parisse-Brassens explains why in an AI-empowered world, maintaining control is going to be even harder because

Culture for AI: The human needs to be placed at the centre

Walking the Talk’s research on the kind of culture required for successful AI implementation has revealed that to be successful, the design

Humans need to be at the centre of ai (Video)

In this video, Walking the Talk's Jerome Parisse-Brassens shares one of the key findings from our 2020 research report ‘Is your culture

Is your business culture AI ready? (Video)

In this video, Walking the Talk's Jerome Parisse-Brassens shares some of the key findings from our 2020 research report ‘Is your culture

Is your culture AI-ready?

At Walking the Talk, we believe that to be successful in an AI-powered world, businesses will need to have certain cultural attributes,

The culture leader of tomorrow

I am seeing a significant shift in organisational culture in response to the VUCA world we live it and the coming-of-age of Digital and

Creating an agile culture for your organisation

After ten years of implementation of Agile by organisations around the world, I’m only seeing mitigated success. Agile takes its roots in

Can a speak up culture prevent business issues?

In the wake of the Royal Commission and its investigation of banks, financial services and now disability and aged care organisations in

Jerome Parisse-Brassens asks "What are you measuring?"

Transforming an organisation's corporate culture can seem as a difficult task, so it's important to know what it is you're measuring

What are organisational culture archetypes?

There are six cultural archetypes that can be found in every organisation. What are those archetypes, and what roles do they play in

What does working at the B-level mean?

Learn more about the people responsible for communicating problems and recommendations to the next level of management.

What are the key elements for a culture plan?

What are the key elements that you need to think about when building your culture plan? Walking the Talk Executive Director Jerome

Lion Air Disaster: A Classic Case of Achievement Overused

On October 29, Lion Air’s Flight 610 hurtled nose-first into Indonesian waters at more than 640 km/h with 189 people on board just minutes

How to use Company Culture Assessment Tools

Corporate culture has now become one of the key pillars on the transformation agenda of most businesses. This is because many organisations

Culture assessment - Case study

Our client, from the entertainment industry, is experiencing strong growth following a number of mergers and acquisitions. They are today

Cognitive and emotional cultures

Cognitive and emotional cultures I often get asked about the difference between cognitive and emotional cultures. Here is my take on it.

How do you define culture and change it?

Learn about Walking the Talk's working definition of culture, and how, by using this definition, you can make culture do-able.

Identify the lynchpin of your culture

Have you ever played Rubik’s cube or any magic cube? They seem to have made a comeback with more complicated arrangements and sizes. I

Global or local culture plan? How to decide

When helping businesses develop healthy, fit-for-purpose cultures, I often get asked whether the organisation should develop a “top-down”

How to build a culture plan from scratch

Building a culture plan sits at the core of how you transform organisational cultures. Without a plan, it’s like shooting in the dark: you

4 characteristics of the most successful teams

We’ve all been part of great teams and not-so-great teams. But have you ever stopped to think at what makes a team great or not? Here’s my

How to turn your employees into brand advocates

Twenty years ago, branding was still new and organisations were reluctant to spend any money on it. Today, every organisation has a budget

The top 2 reasons why employees leave

Staff turnover is healthy. You want new blood, new thinking, new approaches to make your business better and richer. But at the same time,

How to build a business case for culture

Culture is a word that is on everyone’s lips at the moment, but often not for the right reasons; such as when a well-known brand was found

5 questions every leader should ask themselves

Are you a great leader? Ask yourself the following questions, because they will not only improve your leadership impact, but also allow you

What are people saying about culture measurement?

How to measure culture is becoming one of the most discussed topics on culture, in part in response to regulatory pressure to ensure

How to foster an innovation culture

One of the buzzwords that keep coming back in my discussions with clients and colleagues is innovation. Every organisation wants to be

How to Accelerate Culture Change Across the Organisation

One of the most commonly asked questions in my work on culture is how long will the change take? When will we have the culture we need?

How to discover the corporate culture of your next employer

It’s happened to many of us: we go through a recruitment process, have one or several interviews, ask about the organisation and work

The art of positive role modelling

If you are a parent, you know that it is important to be a role model for your children, meaning that you need to behave in the same way

The key to influencing behaviour in the workplace

Behaviour is at the core of organisational culture, so it should come as no surprise that influencing the behaviour of others is a critical

Measuring behaviour change

At Walking the Talk, we frequently encounter a challenging and intriguing question from our clients: How can behaviour change be

Leadership shadow: Driving culture leadership

What is culture leadership? You may have heard the phrase “Culture is led from the top”. It means that the impact of top leaders on

Your key to staff engagement may not sit where you think…

Are you in one of the following situations?

Behaviours at work: What to do if you're feeling disengaged

Disengagement is quite common in organisations and it can affect anyone. Sometimes it is temporary, sometimes it is permanent.

Culture Management: A systemic view of culture for leaders

Leaders do not operate in a vacuum. They operate in an ecosystem that influences everything they do. Understanding how the ecosystem

How to change the behaviour of your staff

Do you actively manage the behaviour of your employees? Can you say, hand on heart, that you have put things in place in the business to

Culture management: How agile are you?

When I ask teams of executives if they can identify the business imperatives for culture in their organisation, one thing that is often

The importance of being open: Culture leadership in an M&A

One of the most important characteristics of healthy leadership is openness. It sits alongside responsibility and being values-led as one

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