Are we ready for love (in the corporate environment)?


Posted by Carolyn Taylor - 13 October, 2009

Do you know of any companies who are using the word ‘love’ in a corporate setting? Do you think it is a valuable idea?

I have read two books recently which unashamedly advocate love and compassion as important cultural attributes for the future.


Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sanders identifies our compassion, our networks and our knowledge as the currencies of the future. “Firms of Endearment” by Sisodia,Wolfe, and Sheth profiles, in the genre of Jim Collins, a number of companies who have focused on building values of love and passion to facilitate their success.

Thanks to my friend and colleague, Geoff Graber, for suggesting I read these two books and pushing me towards the next wave of culture.

I have to confess that I personally have not been talking to clients about adopting ‘love’ as one of their values, but I think I might be close. Even writing this blog is stretching me outside of comfort zone. I can feel that old mental model kicking in which says ‘at work you need to be professional and objective and hard-headed’. And I can feel that mental model changing as I explore more deeply the values emerging from Web 2.0, and I have the privilege of working more often with companies whose cultures are awesome. When you adopt values of open-ness, authenticity, generosity and passion, the heart is engaged. Try it for yourself. If you are feeling one of those qualities, do you feel a little pang, a soft pull, in your chest? I do. They are not ‘head’ qualities. As the behaviors which flow from these values become more of a habit – as they are in awesome companies – using the word ‘love’ starts to feel pretty easy.

Do you know of any companies who are using the word ‘love’ in a corporate setting? Do you think it is a valuable idea? Please share your thoughts in the comments section of this post, I am keen to find out more, and other readers will be too.


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