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Digital Transformation: The AI leader of tomorrow is a connected leader

What kind of leaders will be shaped by, and will be successful in, the AI world? What we heard in our research is that leaders’ way of

The Digital/AI leader of tomorrow is a connected leader

For Walking the Talk’s latest research into cultures for Digital and Artificial Intelligence, we interviewed numerous leaders from many

Digital Transformation: Empowerment is your key to the kingdom

Companies that led successful Digital Transformations realised that they had to empower their employees to be successful in the new

Exploding digitally enabled technologies – survive or thrive ?

C-Suite CHRO recently discussed, as pandemic year of 2020 nears to end, how they fared with exploding digitally-enabled technologies.

Podcast: Special Edition - Paula Harraca, ArcelorMittal, on top team buy in

In this episode of the Walking Your Talk podcast, special guest Paula Harraca, Head of People & Innovation at Arcelor Mittal Long in

Empowerment: Key success factor of successful digital transformations

One of the key cultural attributes of successful digital transformations, which we identified in our recent research on Culture for

Having and holding to clear and aligned principles is critical for success.

Digital Transformation provides the opportunity to create a seamless experience end to end across customers, across products, across

How has your organisation’s purpose shifted or changed in 2020?

How has your organisation’s purpose shifted or changed in the pandemic year of 2020, that saw an exponential rise of digitalisation at

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