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Digital Transformation: What got you here won't get you there

One of the many challenges for organisations is that the shift to widespread adoption of AI can have consequences in both a reduction in

Tips for placing humans at the centre of AI and Digital Transformation

It would be easy to approach Digital Transformation and AI with primarily a technology lens. However, what we have learned from business

Culture for AI: The human needs to be placed at the centre

Walking the Talk’s research on the kind of culture required for successful AI implementation has revealed that to be successful, the

The significant shift we are seeing in culture today (Video)

The significant shift we are seeing in culture today is not a shift away from a focus on achievement and results – this has to remain

Humans need to be at the centre of ai (Video)

In this video, Walking the Talk's Jerome Parisse-Brassens shares one of the key findings from our 2020 research report ‘Is your culture

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