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In times of economic crisis, any initiative that will increase short term performance is particularly welcome.

A few years ago, I studied the values and behaviours that were necessary to build accountability into a culture and built them into a change program. What if you could build a culture where it was just not acceptable not to keep your word? A culture of making and keeping promises?

Remember, every culture has norms of what is acceptable behaviour. In an accountable culture, the people take the giving and keeping of their word very seriously. Because the cultural norm is that once you commit to delivering something, you do it. There's also a responsibility for those who hold people accountable to negotiate goals which are stretch, but achievable. Setting ridiculously high goals and then blaming everyone else when they aren't met is no more a part of an accountable culture than giving your word casually and then failing to deliver.

The Achievement culture is one of the five I describe in my book. Its contribution to the organization? Achieving what was promised, over and over again.

Here's a clip where I talk some more about building a culture of Achievement and Accountability.


What does the word 'accountability' mean to you?


Carolyn is the CEO of Walking the Talk and author of 'Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success' (Random House).
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