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A culture of happiness (and experimentation)

[fa icon="calendar"] 15-Sep-2009 17:08:00 / by Carolyn Taylor

A culture of happiness
I have perfectionist tendencies.


I suspected it all along, and it was confirmed when I used the Human Synergistics assessment tool LSI. For the best website information I recommend their Australian business.

So I had a smile when I saw this blog from a guy I follow from Harvard Business Publishing, Peter Bregman. In providing some good tips for perfectionists, he quotes a piece of research which shows that Iceland has the best culture of happiness. The reason: their culture doesn't stigmatise failure. Icelanders aren't afraid to fail — or to be imperfect — and so they're more willing to pursue what they enjoy. Check out Peter’s blog.

Seems like a cultural characteristic that would be pretty valuable to achieve the type of innovation most organisations I know are seeking!

Are you living in a culture of happiness? What steps can you take to walk that talk? Aside from visiting Iceland, which looked very beautiful in the photos I saw while selecting one for this blog. Has anyone readying this been there?


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